About us

Wunderlich Surveying & Engineering Inc. is a full-service civil engineering and surveying team of professionals providing services to the Franklin County and surrounding areas since 1971. Our goal is to complete your project from conception to construction. Our team can provide all aspects of…

Franklin County Missouri Services

We have completed numerous industrial and commercial developments and residential subdivisions in Union, Washington, Pacific, St. Clair, New Haven, Sullivan and in the unincorporated areas of Franklin County and beyond. Years of experience in directly interacting with numerous contractors, government agencies, utility companies and other firms allows us to efficiently engineer our projects in order to provide timely construction with minimal delays, saving our clients valuable time and money. Our completed product is a unique combination of form and function, that operates smoothly to ensure the best result for your investment.

We are confident that with our background, we can provide our clients with accurate, reliable and prompt information throughout all of our services. We strive to maintain our exceptional customer service as our top priority. After being in business for 40+ years, our list of satisfied customers is quite long. We would be happy to provide a list of references.